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Team ToDo is web based office task management software. (ToDo Memorandum)

Unify Work Management with Team ToDo

 Businesses manage deadlines on a daily basis by:
•Use of sticky notes
•Use of notebooks
•Use of dedicated apps on a smartphone
•Use of calendars
•Marking incoming email
These methods are not always uniformly used by members of the same organization. Many people, many minds.
This can cause a dependence on a single person to manage entries using a variety of methods.
It is important to prioritize during heavy workloads to minimize overdue deadlines.
But, are deadlines not often carelessly overdue?
Team ToDo can manage your deadlines online with various services and merits.

Unify Work Management with BizTaskle

Direct input to other parties` memorandums

Direct input to other parties` memorandums
 New entries for work that has been requested verbally or by email tends to be tedious, and can often be forgotten to be added to memorandums.
But for work that is requested using Team ToDo, entries can be made at the push of a button.
There is no need for multiple copies. In addition, by simply clicking on the `Work Completed` button, a completion report will be sent to the client of work that was requested.
This also prevents the client from forgetting about requested work.
Convey thankfulness with `Thank You` points for work that has been completed

Convey thankfulness with `Thank You` points for work that has been completed
 We usually depend on other parties and say `Thank you` for work that is completed. When output is less than expected, we want to convey some thanks, however when output exceeds expectations a greater level of thanks is should be conveyed. Recognition of a `Thank you` upon receipt.
Five levels of thanks may be conveyed with Team ToDo.
There are 5 SNS `Like` buttons to choose from, ranging of a `Thank you` level from 1 to 5.
The evaluation phase of the chosen `Thank you` will be kept confidential.
It is only recognized that a `Thank you` has been sent, however a more detailed list is available for personnel evaluation by accumulating the `Thank you` count and utilizing it for efficiency and personnel affairs.
Share information for registered tasks

Share information for registered tasks
 Email that is received may only be controlled by the recipient, CC and BCC can also read. However, when you want to share with all members, you end up having to transfer to all employees individually, this is not very realistic.
With Team ToDo, all members may have a basic view of work that has been requested.
It is not possible to take advantage of sharing information even if you want to refer to work that someone has done in the past. By making a request in Team ToDo, output is shared automatically.
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